Summer in the Chestnut Grove

It’s summer at Growlers Creek Grove. The air is filled with the sweet scent of chestnut flowers and the hum of busy bees and insects. December is the time for pollination….the fluffy catkins pollinate the female chestnut flowers which then become baby chestnut husks. The bees and insects play an important role along with the gentle afternoon breeze that spreads the pollen to other chestnut trees and intensifies the sweet smell of chestnut flowers in the grove.


Catkins-chestnut flowers, Growlers Creek Grove

We are busy at this time of year mowing the grass on the orchard floor which has grown long and thick this year….we had a wet Spring. We are also busy weeding and mulching under the trees, removing dead branches and pruning back our grafts so they don’t snap off in strong winds or when a magpie or kookaburra decides to land on them!

The baby chestnut husks are growing and the catkins are starting to fall from the trees ….their job is nearly done.


Baby chestnut husk, Growlers Creek Grove

The start of December was mild with lovely clear days around 26 degrees. It’s now hot and humid, rather tropical and like most of Victoria there is a lot of rain on the way.

The grove is looking fabulous, lush and green …..with the Spring rain and humid weather we are experiencing great growing conditions ….it looks like we are going to have a bumper chestnut harvest….as long as the rain continues into January!


Growlers Creek Grove orchard, December 2016


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